16.10.12 - Earth, water and fire make it as light as air

O-KERA® is the new ceramic slab for interior and exterior surfacing which combines – as the slogan says – lightness and resistance, thanks to the synergies between aesthetic research and innovative technology.


The leading trade fair in the Architecture and Construction sector – the reference trade event for operators worldwide – is the perfect showcase for our latest product innovations. During the four day event dedicated to the Made in Italy excellence we will unveil the innovative and highly versatile product O-KERA® by OKITE® to the world of interior design, architecture and construction. O-KERA® shares with OKITE® the same values that have made the latter an icon product: from constant focus on Research & Development to 100% Italian expertise.


The market of surfacing materials is constantly evolving: it is continually enriched with new materials that meet the needs of even the most discerning and demanding consumers, who often require “ad hoc” products to give concrete form to their interior furnishing ideas.


O-KERA® was launched also to satisfy this new customer, whose creativity is boundless. Thanks to this ceramic surfacing material the options for customizing spaces and furnishing elements become endless. It is an ideal product for: kitchen worktops, interior design and furnishings, the construction sector, the contract sector, wall and floor coverings. It is essentially a slab, 3mx1m in size and 6mm in thickness, reinforced with a fibre glass backing, with high resistance and durability.


At MADE expo, the very first Ultra collection will also be presented in five different textures: Ultra White, Ultra Beige, Ultra Taupe, Ultra Grey, Ultra Black. A selection of nuances to suit all tastes, design styles and furnishing requirements.


O-KERA® too is a natural product and meets the requirements of eco-compatibility and recyclability: it is flexible, resistant to heat, tear and wear, scratches as well as to UV rays as it does not contain organic pigments. A surfacing material with extraordinary technical and aesthetical characteristics, a product that further enhances the range offered by SIC S.r.l. Società Italiana Commerciale, the company that markets the two brands.


Milan, October 2012